WelcomeToni Lopopolo Literary Management was founded in 1991 by Toni Lopopolo who boasts an impressive 30+ years  in the book publishing business.  This former executive editor at Macmillan and then St. Martin’s Press,   combines her many years  in publishing  with her unique editing skills to provide a full service literary agency  to new and seasoned authors.

Toni Lopopolo Literary Management partners with authors for the duration of their literary careers and includes development of fiction projects, creation of nonfiction book proposals, and editing when needed.  Toni has helped bring many first-time and published authors to print including Sol Stein, Lee Silber, Lillian Glass, Steve Duno, Nancy Baer, Flo Fitzgerald, Judith Smith-Levin, Howard Olgin, Jeanette BakerLarry Seeley, Shelly Lowenkopf, Robin Winter, Ehrich Van Lowe, Manuel Ramos, and many others. Publishers include St. Martin’s Press, Simon and Schuster, Crown, Dell, HarperCollins, Kensington, and many others.

TWTlogo2014Toni Lopopolo Literary Management provides a high level of service by limiting the number of clients represented but always searching for select new talent and established authors who seek a more personalized relationship with an agent.

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NewsIn the news…

Learning the Craft By Steven Pressfield

Mark Stevens did a Q&A with Manuel Ramos and a review of his short story collection.

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Congratulations to Kathleen O’Donnell whose novel Last Day for Rob Rhino is a two time book of the year finalist from Next Generation Indie Book Awards and Foreword’s Book of the Year IndieFab Awards

Congratulations to Shelly Lowenkopf whose new book Love Will Make You Drink and Gamble, Stay Out at Night made the top 100 of all books in Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank last weekend.

Desperado by Manuel Ramos got a nice review from Si Dunn on Third-Chance Book Reviews.

Read a sample from Love Will Make You Drink and Gamble, Stay Out at Night by Shelly Lowenkopf.

Susan Finlay’s interview with Renni Browne, Co-Author of Self-Editing For Fiction Writers

“Chan has crafted a fast-paced, complicated thriller that is not short on twists.” – Kirkus Reviews on Lying in Wait by Robert N. Chan

Read the first three chapters of Last Day for Rob Rhino Kathleen O’Donnell’s debut novel from Damnation Books. Ebook available July 1, paperback August 1, 2013.

Read Susan Finlay’s interview with author Robin Winter.

Shelly Lowenkopf‘s book The Fiction Writer’s Handbook: The Definitive Guide to McGuffins, Red Herrings, Shaggy Dogs, and Other Literary Revelations from a Master received a review in Library Journal.

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